Grow, Gather, Give.

Farm Grown & Hand Selected


        The plants at Wildly Native Flower Farm are grown here right on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. For generations this farm has grown amazing things... from the crates of tomatoes that left stains on the floors of the old farm house in the early 1800's, to the Christmas trees of my Pop-Pop and so many other crops from generations ago, Wildly Native Flower Farm focuses on hand-selected, in season flowers that are harvested at the peak of bloom. Locally sourced and delivered fresh minutes from the field instead of trucked in days away from locations far away.

What we do...

Grow, Harvest , &

Sell Flowers

Grown by hand, each seed is nestled in a soil bed perfect for germination. Once old enough, each plant is carefully transplanted into prepared field beds. All the while we stand by and wait for them to be ready to bloom! Each locally grown stem is carefully hand-selected at the optimum time for harvest ensuring elongated blooming life.


Weddings, Events, and More!

     If you can dream it, we can do it! From elaborate weddings to flower bars and everything in between, there is so much we are able to do. With fresh-cut flowers from all seasons, the possibilities are endless. Click below to contact us about your event!


Who we are at

"I cannot recommend Wildly Native Flower Farm enough! They are so amazing, talented, and easy to work with. They advised me on all of these factors you don't think of at first. If you haven't visited their flower farm, you need to! It is beautiful!"

- Rachel Williams