Local. Fresh. Responsibly Grown. 

    Welcome to our flower farm! Everything we grow is inspired by the seasons so please understand it takes a little time to harvest here on the farm. We may need a little time to pick them at the best time of day with the best freshness guaranteed! Colors may vary some and designs depend on what is looking the best in the field. The pictures below are basic guidelines - tell us what you want to spend, the look you are wanting to capture and we can fill the order for you!

Where are all of  the flowers?

Arrangements that are full of field grown flowers will be back when they pop up in spring! In the mean time we have a few things peeking out in the hoop houses but the full variety will be back when it's a little warmer! 

   Don't see what you want?  Looking for another color scheme in another price point? We are just a text, call or email away. Custom orders are easy! 


Phone: 443-457-8475