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Here at Wildly Native, we know planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things in the world. So, we want to make picking & designing florals for your big day as seamless as possible by offering a wide variety of florals spreading from a full-service floral plan or a "Do It Yourself" plan.

Fully catered to you, your designs, your vision, and your dream. 
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If you're thinking...
"Can I pick and choose the pieces I want?" Absolutely.
​We are here to fill all your

creative needs!

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Why choose 


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On our family farm, you're welcome to walk our rows and see what we have growing inspired by the Maryland seasons.

Everything is locally grown and custom to your needs for your special day. 

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Styled Shoot

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Have more questions?

  • What are some of our favorite flowers to use in Spring arrangements?
    Spring is full of fun pastels, greenery, and textures. Some of our favorites include - Calendula, Nigella, Sweet Peas, Bachelor Buttons, Snapdragons, Foxglove, Peonies, Ranunculus, Tulips, and Bells of Ireland to name a few!
  • What are our favorite florals to use for summer?
    Summer is one of our FAVORITE times of the year to design because there are SO many options and bright vibrant colors! Some of our favorite florals for summer include - Gomphrena, Marigolds, Zinnias, Tithonia, Celosia, Ageratum, Sunflowers, Salvia, Hibiscus, and Strawflower to give you an idea!
  • What flowers are available in the Fall?
    Fall is such a fun season for creating! Some summer flowers are still around, and if we're lucky some spring crops come back! Our favroites for fall are - Sunflowers, Strawflowers, Zinnias, Ageratum, Eucalyptus, Gomphrena, Snapdragons, Mountain Mint, Hibiscus, and Dahlias!
  • I see you don't work with roses... I had my heart set on them. What can I do?
    For the brides (and grooms) that have their hearts set on roses, we can specialty order roses for your big day. We do not grow them on the farm because the bugs love them and they are particularly mean plants (THORNS!), but we will make accomodations where necessary.
  • What if the flowers I want are out of season?
    If the flowers you wanted are out of season we will do our best to make reasonable suggestions of other flower varieties that have similar color palletes or textures. If we can't find anything suitable, ordering in flowers may be necessary. Please keep in mind, ordering flowers from another country or region with the proper weather can be pricey.
  • I don't see a lot of white used in your work, is that something you do?"
    ABSOLUTELY! We don't always get photos back from our brides/grooms and their photographers for their weddings, so our gallery doesn't show every single thing that we've done. Since our name is "Wildly Native" we do lot of fun, funky colors, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the simple, elegant looks of whites and lighter colors.

"From the beginning of my engagement, I knew I was going to work with Liza and Lizzy! They immediately knew my vision and brought it to life. They knew exactly what I wanted down to the detail even when I couldn’t describe it! Planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic I started off with a large wedding and it switched twice before changing to a small wedding in the Outerbanks. I didn’t expect them to travel for me but they did anyway and that’s what I call dedication! They went above and beyond to make my day special & there isn’t enough thank you’s in the world I can give to them." 

- Mallory Spry
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