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This page shows off our weddings throughout the seasons, styled shoots, products, and special occasions!

looking for specifics?


Brett and Kelly

Perfect tones of neutrals and shades of blue. What a fantastic day for this couple. Greens on tables, smiles, and laughter all around! Are you looking for some blue inspo? This one is for you!


Shady lane Styled Shoot

A breezy day filled with fun, citrus, and florals. Thinking of doing something different for a wedding or event? Then these florals and details can make it happen! Bright colors make any theme pop!


Petals and Prosecco

Styled Shoot

Nothing but sweet treats, a sunset, and boho tea time for this magical day! Filled with laughter and fun, made for creative minds and tulips come to life!


Prism Styled Shoot

A colorful day, in a gorgeous venue with spring florals. Creative ideas are used in magical ways for a gorgeous day. 

Wedding Alyson and Harley-640.jpg

Alyson and Harley

This enchanted theme was such a beautiful aesthetic! With pastel colors and blue pops of color, this was unforgettable!


Ryder Wedding

With wild tones and beautiful bold colors, nothing tops this beautiful backyard wedding! Home grown summer florals the best ones.  

Kim and Derek

Bold pinks and textures of green to make them pop, this wedding was a joy to set-up. On a gorgeous summer day, these colors were a show stopper!


Anna and logan

Spring florals with touches of oranges, the peonies in May, makes for an unforgettable day!

Pillars of greens and colors of our spring fields make for gorgeous textures!


Mallory and travis

While we traveled to North Carolina for this beach wedding, the wildflower theme was a hit. Bold tones, home grown, and never a let down. 


Kelsey and Charlie

An unforgettable rehersal dinner, with a Chesapeake Natutical theme. Mini vases, and touches of drift wood makes for a perfect set-up. 


Bailey and Yousef

Unlike any wedding we have done before, inspired by middle eastern vibrancy. Color blocking was a staple in this wedding, gorgeous tones and bold colors.

Lauren C Photography Alex Kyle Wedding-14_edited.jpg

Kyle and alex

Truly a Chesapeake dream, seasonal coming into fall colors. Warm tones with eucalyptus are always a favorite of ours! Brights and bolds showing off the reds and oranges from our flowers in the field.

Joey and Jenelle

A perfect wild flower wedding that shows off our home grown flowers in the best way possible. Magical in every way, the rainbow of tones are so bright on this day!


Red acres styled shoot

Done with grasses and white textures, this is a perfect style for a bohemian style or theme. Gorgeous tones and the simplicity in textures shines through.


Lane and Alex

Done with a mix of our end of spring florals and the beginning of our summer florals, this magical rainbow of a day was such a pleasure! Bright tones make for smiling faces.

Boyle Wedding

The perfect mix of simplicity and DIY centerpices, brights and colorful spring pieces make for a beautiful wedding day!

Extra (1 of 1)-31_edited.jpg

Randolph Wedding

With whites and blues this is a show stopping combo that is timeless! Our homegrown florals never let you down even with a simple color palette. 


Racheal and Dave

With pink and whites as the focus, out summertime florals were an amazing match for this couple! Making for an elegant theme and surrounding color palette for this magical day.


Wylder Styled Shoot

Supporting other businesses is something we love to do and making their dreams and set-up come alive with florals! Even if they are table runners, we always make a beautiful impact.

Mowbray Elopement

A magical elopement filled with florals and love. Held at Mowbray Venue, rustic tones and bright florals filled the space with love.


Stephany and Blade

This little family made these florals pop themselves! The love, smiles, and laughter were only some of the magic. Reds, pinks, and whites, and perfect color combination. 


Spooky Styled Shoot

Created with Virginia Lewis and AM Cherry Photography, this spooky evening was one for the books! Perfect for those who want an unforgettable theme perfect for any season! 

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 9.18.05 AM.png

B&W Petit Social Styled Shoot

A perfect classy vibe, for a classy bride. Simplicity, creative abilities with a modern touch of shade and tones. Added for a classic look for any wedding or event. 

Cassie and Alex

Perfect in every way, ready for the day and a ceremony against the water. Nothing like ombre blues and happy smiles to make your special day even better! White with touches of blues are used in this one.

GipsonSNKS (82 of 160).jpg

Matt and AAron

Held at Great Oak Inn, these gentlemen made their creative tastes flow in centerpieces and show off who they really where with perfect touches to personalize their wedding to the max!


Amber and Dylan

One of our first weddings on the farm. While amber was a part of our team, she celebrated our venue space with touches of dusty blue and light yellow florals to accent her theme. We loved every moment of this day, the weather, the set-up, and the florals. Just wait until you see her ceremony space...

Friedman Wedding

Our biggest arch yet! Stunning colors at Brittland Estates, designed to create a Chuppah perfect for these two! Bright red tones, mixed with white textures for the perfect fall color scheme. 

The smiles and happy faces filled this day with love and joy.

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