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Summer Blooms at Worsell Manor - 6.25.2022

Krystina visited the farm a few weeks before her wedding to take a tour and finalize her florals for the big day. We highly recommend this to all of our brides - you might absolutely fall in love with a variety that you never even knew existed! And, we love getting to meet you in person!!

She had a lot of fun pieces involved in her wedding - starting with adorable flower girl crowns and our new favorite aisle décor! To get the look of flowers growing right at the edge of each row, we sunk a water tube into the ground and filled each with lots of fresh cut blooms. They are easy to pull back out afterwards!

And can we talk about the inside of the barn?! Krystina had rose gold hanging chains that we put white containers in, filled with floral arrangements! They hung at each beam around the dance floor and were a totally different approach to decorating the reception space. Then there's the large hanging piece with the neon sign behind their sweetheart table!! This was so fun to put together and looked absolutely gorgeous in action.

So many smiling faces and happy families! Congratulations again to Krystina & Bryan!

Flowers: feverfew, snapdragons, yarrow, eucalyptus, bupleurum, pittosporum, dara, foxglove

Venue: Worsell Manor

Photographer: Katelyn Prince Photography

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